Frontal Lobe

Used for 'higher order' processing and motor control. See what I do.

In short, I study sequences and the prefrontal and striatal circuits that contribute to their learning and execution.

As of Sept. 1, 2016 I will begin a faculty position at Brown University as a member of the Department of Neuroscience and the Brown Institute for Brain Science (BIBS).

Abbreviated c.v. below. Full c.v. available upon request.


Ph.D. in Brain and Cognitive Sciences (BCS), MIT, February 2011
B.S. in Neural Science, minor in Science Education, NYU, May 2000

Awards and Honors

Brown Institute for Brain Science Innovation Award, September 2015-present
Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Postdoctoral Fellow, 2013-2015
Friends of the McGovern Institute Graduate Student Fellow, 2008-2009
Angus MacDonald Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, BCS, MIT, 2006
Dean’s Educational and Student Advising Award, School of Science, MIT, 2004
National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship, 2002- 2005
Phi Beta Kappa/Albert Borgman Prize, CAS, NYU: Best honors thesis in the natural sciences, 2000

Research Experience

Postdoctoral Research:

Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences (CLPS), Brown University, Jan. 2012-Aug. 2016, (research advisor: Dr. David Badre)
Investigating the control and monitoring of hierarchical task sequences using fMRI and TMS

BCS, MIT, Jan. 2011-Dec. 2011, (research advisor: Dr. Ann M. Graybiel)
Analysis of neural data from ~100 chronically implanted and independently moveable electrodes in the prefrontal cortex, frontal eye fields, and striatum acquired during habit formation

Doctoral Research: BCS, MIT, 2001-2010, (research advisor: Dr. Ann M. Graybiel)
Thesis title: The nature of habits in the nonhuman primate: the formation of sequences of eye movements and neural activity in the frontal eye field.

Undergraduate Honors Research: CNS, NYU, 1998-2000, (research advisor: Dr. Joseph E. LeDoux, supervisors: Dr. Jeff Muller and Dr. Chris Repa)
Honors Thesis title: Cross correlations between cell pairs in the lateral nucleus of the amygdala and the auditory thalamus show significantly greater changes after fear conditioning than cell pairs in surrounding areas.

Selected Publications

Please see Temporal(Papers) page.

Talks and Presentations

Plenary Speaker, Swiss School on Neurophysiology for Neural and Biomedical Engineering, EPFL, Zermatt, Switzerland, August 2015
Neurology Research Night, Brown Medical School, June 2015
Eye Movement Gordon Conference Young Investigator Talk, August 2011
Harvard Visual Attention Lab seminar series, April 2010
MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research Retreat, June 2008

Ad-Hoc work

Served as a reviewer for Journal of Neuroscience, Cortex, Human Brain Mapping, and Neuropsychologia
Evaluation panelist for National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowships (NDSEG), 2015

Workshops and Courses

Diffusion Spectrum magnetic resonance Imaging (DSI) tractography workshop, March 2012
Multi-Modal Short Course, Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, MGH, May 17-28, 2010
Okinawa Computational Neuroscience Course (OCNC), OIST, July 1-10, 2005

Teaching and Mentoring Experience

Mentor to undergraduate research assistants, Brown
Supervisor for students in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP), MIT
Teaching Assistant, Laboratory in Systems Neuroscience, BCS, MIT, Spring 2005
Head Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Psychology, BCS, MIT, Fall 2003
Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Psychology, BCS, MIT, Fall 2002
Founder and Chair of BCS Interview Weekend Committee, MIT, Fall 2002 - Summer 2007
High School Teacher, Merrimack High School, Merrimack, NH, September 2000 - June 2001


Founding executive member Postdocs in Brain Sciences (PIBS) at Brown University, 2014-2016
Cognitive Neuroscience Society, 2012-present
Sigma Xi, 2011
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2000-present
Society for Neuroscience, 2006-present
Phi Beta Kappa, 1999