Sentence and Discourse Processing Lab

Metcalf Labs Our lab investigates the processes and representations involved in the production and comprehension of human language. We conduct research on a variety of topics, usually addressing one or more of the following questions: Our approach to these questions is informed by linguistic models of information structure, pragmatics, and the syntax/semantic interface. In testing our hypotheses we use a range of methodologies including off-line instruments (questionnaires, magnitude estimation, sentence-completion tasks) and online measures (self-paced reading time, eye-tracking while reading, visual world eye-tracking). The lab also has access to shared facilities for recording and analyzing speech production and for EEG/ERP data collection.

Current Projects

Projects in the lab currently address three lines of research: Student projects pursue a variety of topics related to sentence and discourse-level processing, including lexical access in the interpretation of puns (Jenna Zeigen, senior thesis) and sentence-level constraints on speech perception (Neal Fox, first year graduate project).

Metcalf Labs

how to find us

We are located in the newly renovated Metcalf Research Lab at the corner of Thayer Street and Waterman, room 207. map

get involved

If you are interested in participating in an experiment, or if you are an undergraduate or graduate student at Brown looking to get involved in language processing research, contact us at for more information.