F.Ex Training 1

Here are 18 practice behaviors + explanations. For some behaviors there is only one explanation to be coded, for some there are two (which may have a very different code).   Try to decide on the overall code first, then work your way into the details.  So ask yourself - is the explantion giving a cause that brought about the behavior [1]  or is the explantion giving the actor's reason to (decide to) do what they did [3/4] or is the explantion giving a factor that preceded the actor's reason but was not itself the reason [2]? 


I asked somebody out for dinner because we're friends.

I was in a great mood because I had aced the exam.

I was yawning during a lecture because it was boring.

I was infatuated with someone because we flirted a lot.

I invited someone to have lunch with me because I didn't want to eat alone.

I believed I had the flu because my nose was running.

I watered plants because I was at home and

my mom wanted me to water her plants.

I was worrying about some test results because I thought I did poorly on it.

I drove way above the speed limit because I was in a hurry.

I was grinding my teeth during a test because I didn't know a lot of the answers

I stole something because I was drunk and

there was a mug that I really wanted

I was sweating because I was riding my bike home from work

I greeted that person politely because I am a nice person.

I interrupted my mother because she was boring me with idle conversation.

I had a craving for fruit because it had been a long time since I've had it

I refused a salesman's offer because the offer was too high and

I didn't need the product.

I applauded because I enjoyed their music

I ignored his arguments because I knew he was wrong

Solutions for Training 1: Click on this link.